Nominations for the 2022-2023 FLAAEM Board of Directors election are no closed!

Serving on the Board of Directors gives you the opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience and make a difference in your local region.

The FLAAEM Board of Directors is comprised of four (4) individual directors, one (1) Associate Member Representative, up to three (3) Resident Representatives, and one (1) Student Representative in addition to the principal officers of Chapter Division. The principal officers of Chapter Division are the President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and Immediate Past-President.

Open Positions:

  • At-Large Director (4 positions open)
  • Resident Member Representative - North Florida
  • Resident Member Representative - Central Florida
  • Resident Member Representative - South Florida
  • Medical Student Member Representative

Board of Director Responsiblities: 

At-Large Director (Two Year Term)
Addresses emergency medicine and other FLAAEM issues to the Board of Directors.

Resident Member Representatives (One Year Term)
Addresses FLAAEM Resident Member and other emergency medicine issues from their region of Florida to the Board of Directors. 

All nominees must live/attend residency in the general region of the state mentioned in description. One position is available per region in North, Central and South Florida.

Student Representative
Addresses FLAAEM Student Member and other emergency medicine issues to the Board of Directors.

Who can submit nominations:

Full voting members can submit nominations for the officers and at-large positions, while AAEM/RSA members can submit nominations for the Resident and Student Representatives.

Self-nominations are allowed and encouraged!


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