FLAAEM Board of Directors Election

Voting is now closed for the 2020 Florida Chapter Division of AAEM (FLAAEM) Board of Directors election.


Election Procedure 

Any member of FLAAEM can nominate a member of FLAAEM for a open position they are eligible for on the board of directors. The exact mechanics of the voting process will involve nominations during a period that will end at 60 days before the start of the term of office. Voting will occur through an online process - one person, one vote.  

Each Full Voting member of FLAAEM shall have one vote for each of the open positions on the Board of Directors. Each Resident member of FLAAEM shall have one vote each for the Resident Representative positions and each Student member of FLAAEM shall have one vote for the Student Representative position.

Questions? Contact Tom Derenne at tderenne@aaem.org or (414) 276-7390.



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