Application for Certificate of Excellence in Emergency Department Workplace Fairness

The American Academy of Emergency Medicine strongly supports fair working practices for emergency physicians and recognizes the existence of many different emergency department business models. Consequently, it will certify excellence in the ED workplace if the below are confirmed/certified to be true. Applications will be reviewed by the Academy and any departments that are deemed to fall outside fairness criteria will be provided direct feedback and given ample opportunity to reapply.

Please confirm that these workplace conditions are present within your organization.

1. With the provisional period not to exceed one year, our Group provides our emergency physicians access to predefined due process. (Attach detailed statement of Group's Due Process Policy.)
2. Our Group, or its controlling entity, has a predefined mechanism that regularly and automatically provides all our emergency physicians the detail of their own professional charges and collections. This information shall be automatically provided to the physician on a quarterly basis.
3. Our Group provides our emergency physicians: a) a predefined and reasonable pathway to full partnership that does not exceed three years, b) the review process and criteria used to grant full partnership, c) a predefined entry and exit policy, and d) the exact distribution of all shares held in the group. For the purpose of this certificate, a full partner is defined as an equal shareholder with equal voting status.
4. Our Group, or its controlling entity, has a predefined mechanism that regularly and automatically provides all full partners: a) the total charges and collections for the group, and b) the distribution of all group income including all management and operational expenses including coding/billing/collecting, professional liability insurance, non-physician employee salaries, and physician administrative stipends. This information shall be automatically provided to the partners on a quarterly basis.
5. Our Group provides our emergency physicians with the details of our governance process including the method of electing leaders and new partners, appointing medical directors and administrators and revising the bylaws.
6. Our Group does not impose post contractual restrictive covenants (i.e., non-compete clauses). Our group does not impose restrictions on their physicians staying at a hospital site if an ED contract is turned over to any entity without lay ownership. Physicians will not be restricted in working in any outside ED following the loss of a contract. However, given the principles of AAEM, they may be restricted from staying at the group’s site if the ED contract is turned over to an entity without lay ownership.
7. Group Physicians, or physician-extenders working under the direct supervision of physicians, make all clinical decisions in our practice. Our Group physicians have a primary fiduciary responsibility to their patients, not to a corporate entity or shareholders.
8. We do not require physicians in our group to indemnify our group, any hospital, or any other third party.

The AAEM board of directors reserves the right to reasonably amend the requirements of this certificate. The granting of this certificate is not permanent and is subject to periodic review.

All AAEM members are entitled to request and obtain a certified copy of Group's original certificate from AAEM. The failure of the Group to comply with the above terms of the Certificate may result in loss of Certificate status. The AAEM Practice Fairness Council will review all complaints of lack of compliance with the above terms of Certification and will respond to Group in writing not more than 30 days following receipt of complaint of lack of compliance. If the Practice Fairness Council concludes that the Group has failed to meet any of the Certificate terms, Group will be given 30 days to provide written evidence of correction of deficit; failure to devise and execute an effective remedy will result in AAEM revoking the Workplace Fairness Certificate.

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I attest that all of the above information is correct.
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