Application for Certificate of Excellence in Emergency Department Employer Fairness

The American Academy of Emergency Medicine strongly supports fair working practices for emergency physicians. The Academy prefers the democratic ownership model for emergency physicians, but also recognizes those employers who offer a fair workplace for employed emergency physicians.

Please confirm that these workplace conditions are present with your employer.

1. A reasonable due process policy, including the right to a fair hearing before any adverse actions are taken against the physician's medical staff privileges.
View examples of fair employer practices.

2. Contractual termination without cause may only occur during a provisional period not to exceed one year.
View examples of fair employer practices.

3. Employment arrangements do not include post-contractual restrictions on the right to practice.
View examples of fair employer practices.

4. A reasonable policy of financial transparency protects physicians against financial exploitation.
View examples of fair employer practices.

5. The ownership of a group practice must not include any lay people. However, the emergency physician may work for a hospital, university, or non-profit corporation or foundation, but lay people may not supervise the physician's clinical work.
View examples of fair employer practices.

6. We do not require physicians in our group to indemnify our group, any hospital, or any other third party.
View examples of fair employer practices.

The AAEM board of directors reserves the right to reasonably amend the requirements of this certificate. The granting of this certificate is not permanent and is subject to periodic review.

The Academy recognizes the existence of many different emergency department business models. The following examples are provided as guidelines that comply with the principles outlined above. These guidelines are not absolute, but reflect the spirit of fairness encouraged by the Academy. Thus, any employer who believes it meets conditions for fairness is encouraged to submit an application for a certificate of excellence. Applications will be reviewed by the Academy. Departments that are deemed to fall outside fairness criteria will be provided direct feedback and given ample opportunity to reapply. Emergency physicians are encouraged to contact AAEM (anonymously, if desired) to report a listed group that they believe is not in compliance, along with an explanation.

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