Practice hands-on with the eOral system

AAEM is committed to helping you feel prepared for your Oral Board examination. Over the two days of the AAEM review course you will participate in 12 single-case encounters and four triple-case encounters.

  • That's nine extra case encounters to help you feel confident!
  • Up to five of the single-case encounters will use the eOral system so you will be ready for the new exam format.
  • Practice with:
    • Dynamic vital signs
    • An interactive, computerized interface
    • Digital images
    • Ordering and reviewing tests

AAEM has been granted a sub-license for use of eOral software identical to that used for the ABEM Oral Certification Examination. Case content is entirely that of AAEM. 


ABEM Exam Day - What Can I Expect?

On Exam Day, you'll want to be rested and feeling confident in what to expect. You will participate in seven patient encounters, each one-on-one with a different examiner. There will be five single patient cases and two multiple patient cases.

eOral Format: Five single-patient cases will be presented using the new computer simulation format. Simulations may include: reports, tests, images, videos, moving ultrasounds, etc. As a participant you will be expected to order tests, view results, and manage your patient interacting both with the examiner and the eOral system.


Watch a sample exam: Visit the ABEM website to watch an introduction to the eOral system. Register for the AAEM Oral Board Review course to practice the exam format and try out the eOral system hands-on.




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