Thank You 2019 Scientific Assembly Planning Subcommittee!

Course Directors: Drs. Joelle Borhart, Evie Marcolini

Course Advisor: Dr. Christopher Doty

AAEM Board President: Dr. David Farcy

Education Committee Chair: Dr. Kevin Reed

Breve Dulce Chair: Dr. Zack Repanshek

Breve Dulce Planning Subcommittee Members: Drs. Laura Bontempo, Sarah Dubbs, Jennifer Fisher-Repanshek, Harman Gill, and Sherri Rudinsky

Pre-Conference Chair: Dr. R. Gentry Wilkerson

Small Group Clinic Chair: Dr. Siamak Moayedi

Scientific Assembly Planning Subcommittee Members: Drs. Mike Buscher, William Goldenberg, Jason Hine, Tamara Kuittinen, Jack Perkins, Teresa Ross, Mike Takacs, and Julie Vieth



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