AAEM Position Statement on Protections for Emergency Medicine Physicians during COVID-19

Dear AAEM Family:

Your Board of Directors has been listening to the concerns that you are raising about your safety while providing care to patients who are presumed positive for the novel coronavirus. We have also been listening to your concerns that the need for test kits is exceeding the supply and that some institutional mandates for testing are not congruent with what you assess is best for your patients and your colleagues. In an emergency virtual meeting yesterday, your Board developed policy statements on the issues that you tell us matter most. They are presented here, and will appear on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed, and will be presented to legislators and the general public.

The Academy's advocacy for our members and our colleagues will not stop here. We stand with you through this pandemic and in every situation where the wellbeing of the individual emergency physician is at stake. We will meet weekly (or more often if necessary) to assess the need for updated policy statements, advocacy, and legislative lobbying. PLEASE continue to inform us of your needs and concerns.

On behalf of your Board of Directors, thank you for all you do for AAEM, your communities, and providing the highest level of service to patients. Stay healthy and safe.


David Farcy, MD FCCM FAAEM
President, AAEM

President-Elect, AAEM




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