Call for Volunteers - Assist in Finishing the StatPearls Project

Dear Medical Educators:

Twenty years ago, we worked together to create eMedicine© a free online library used by millions of health professionals. Recently, the founders of eMedicine© began StatPearls, a new, international collaboration to further improve medical education.

We are writing to invite you to join us in finishing the StatPearls project. To date, more than five thousand health professionals are completing a peer-reviewed PubMed (National Library of Medicine) indexed database of 17,000 summary articles and 150,000 multiple choice questions with four teaching points, pictures, or a video classified to each specialty area of medicine, surgery, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, allied health, and basic science. Questions and articles are selected by editors-in-chief for use by each specialty. The completed learning management system allows:

  • Publication of updatable peer-reviewed, books, apps, and online continuing education indexed in PubMed for GME scholarly credit.
  • Users to customize, assign, score, and track web-based or printable assessments with the option to modify existing questions or develop private or shared question banks.
  • Users have free access to the online database, and unlimited CME/CE will only be $24.95 a year.
  • Authors and editors have free access, free CME/CE for updating content annually, and a free eBook.

Please consider a brief time commitment to this academic project. When you go to, you will see how easy it is to write, edit, and peer review content. Together we can provide free online access and affordable continuing medical education.


Scott Dulebohn, MD

Associate Professor, Neurosurgery, ETSU
StatPearls, Managing Editor


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