ABEM - Transforming Certification

Starting in 2021, ABEM will move to a 5-year certification period for physicians when they next recertify. By moving to a 5-year certification period, physicians will now be able to use MyEMCert to recertify starting in 2021. As physicians move to a 5-year certification period, ABEM will also move to an annual fee structure. 



The American Board of Emergency Medicine has announced MyEMCert, a new continuing certification process designed with the uniqueness of Emergency Medicine in mind. Informed by the preferences of ABEM-certified physicians, MyEMCert is for emergency physicians, by emergency physicians. With topic-specific modules, open-book access, and immediate feedback, MyEMCert is structured to help emergency physicians learn and advance their practice. Learn more about ABEM’s MyEMCert today.


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