Brian Parker, MD MS FAAEM

Candidate for YPS Director

UT Health San Antonio

Nominated by: Self-nomination

Membership: 2015-2020
Disclosure: Nothing to disclose at this time.

 AAEM Activities (past five years)

Open Mic Competition 1st Place Winner
Scientific Assembly Speaker
YPS Education Committee Member


Candidate Statement

Over the past several years, I have served on the YPS education committee, presented several posters at our scientific assembly, spoken at the scientific assembly in the Breve Dulce area, as well as winning the Open Mic competition last year.

Joining the board at AAEM would represent an amazing opportunity to continue to advocate for new attendings and residents. Each one of us experienced tremendous growth and change during our residencies and the first several years after. The YPS section has been designed to assist in making that transition, and I would like to make sure their voice is continued to be heard at the board. I currently serve as core faculty at a county training program, and I get to see what struggles the residents are facing in their training, and how the current healthcare environment affects our most at risk populations.

As the next generation of learners begin to graduate medical school and enter our residencies, we need to ensure they have access to the highest quality education and career opportunities that are available to them. The YPS section already offers CV reviewing and several podcasts for them, however, I believe this is the time to investigate if there is more that the academy could support.

Our hospital is the only one in Texas that has all third year medical students rotate through the department, which means we have contact with greater than 220 third year students, in addition to the fourth year students completing their electives here, this experience allows mentorship and opportunities to help mold our current crop of learners, to better understand how they are seeking career advice and what their career goals are focused on.

As a board member I would make it my goal to ensure that AAEM is the organization residents turn to first when looking for career advice, and realize that our academy will continue to fight to ensure every patient seen in the emergency department will be evaluated and treated by a board certified emergency physician. I would love the chance to give back to the organization that has given me so much during my career; I see the benefit that AAEM can provide residents and early career physicians, and I want to continue to improve on them.


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