Carol Pak-Teng, MD FAAEM

Candidate for At-Large Director

APA Physician Leaders

Nominated by: David A. Farcy, MD FAAEM FCCM; Evie Marcolini, MD FAAEM FACEP FCCM

Membership: 2017-2027
Disclosure: ACEP Membership including: American Association of Women Emergency Physicians, Chair of Awards Committee for Diversity Inclusion & Health Equity Section, NJ ACEP Council member

AAEM Activities (past five years)

AAEM Board of Directors
AAEM Foundation Board of Directors
AAEM LEAD-EM Board of Directors
Attended the 2021 AAEM Leadership Academy Program
Ethics Committee
Membership Committee
Wellness Committee
Women in EM Section Liaison
Emergency Ultrasound Section Board Liaison
Marketing & Membership Consultant Task Force
EDI Management Task Force
New York Chapter Division of AAEM (NYAAEM)

Candidate Statement

I am honored and proud to be nominated by Dr. Farcy and Dr. Marcolini for a second term to the Board.

Simply said, AAEM has become my heart and soul. Its uncompromising values of transparency, democracy, and championing Emergency physician led patient care solidifies my passion and drive to this organization.

It has been an incredibly tough year for EPs, to say the least. Our residents have entered the toughest job market in a generation; in parallel we are seeing our hours and salaries slashed while simultaneously putting our lives on the line and dealing with the burn of PTSD. Now more than ever, AAEM needs to advocate and emphasize to our members that we are there for them. It is also an opportune time to engage with our non-member colleagues, emphasize our mission statement, and bring them into our AAEM family.

My efforts on the Board have centered on marketing and communications strategies to amplify our core values and messaging to our community. Being on the Board, I know that our leadership at every level is forging the steps to be the dominant voice to protect our profession. That said, we have more work ahead of us to build our voice more strategically and deliberately. The planning and execution of the work I have done on the Board will be my persistent focus.

As a recent member to the board, I still have fresh enough eyes to view the organization holistically and drive the transformative changes we need to become the leading force protecting our specialty. Furthermore, I now have hands-on experience to navigate, communicate, and manage the next step in AAEM’s organizational growth.

Some highlights of my time on the Board: hiring a marketing consultant for expert assessment of the member’s needs and how we can better represent our profession; serving as Board Liaison to two innovative cohorts within our Academy, the Women in EM Section and the Emergency Ultrasound Section; evaluating the organizational aspect of working with our Management company and how to better serve the membership with their partnership; lobbying efforts around Due Process, Surprise Billing, and Physician Mental Health Advocacy. Finally, I’m excited to expand the newly formed Ethics Committee to ensure we continue to uphold principles of fairness and advocacy in how we deliver patient care and how we operate as an organization.

As an entrepreneur, I have learned how to be both agile and innovative. We have an opportunity to take AAEM to the next level. From the tragedy of the pandemic, we can emerge stronger and with more fortitude.

If you would give me the honor of a second term, I will continue to push AAEM to be the innovative force on the National forefront. Thank you for your support and I look forward to serving you by hearing your voice.


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