Vicki Norton, MD FAAEM

Candidate for At-Large Director

Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Nominated by: David A. Farcy, MD FAAEM FCCM; Loice Swisher, MD FAAEM; Robert McNamara, MD MAAEM FAAEM

Membership: 2007-2021
Disclosure: Nothing to disclose at this time.

AAEM Activities (past five years)

Florida Chapter Division of AAEM (FLAAEM) Board of Directors
Florida Chapter Division of AAEM (FLAAEM) Board President
Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress Speaker
Membership Committee Member
State Chapter Division Committee Member
Women in EM Committee/Section Chair
Women in EM Committee/Section Member


Candidate Statement

It is an honor to be nominated for the position of At-Large Board Member of AAEM. As an active member of AAEM for more than a decade, I am passionate about the ideals and values of our organization. I believe every emergency patient deserves to see a board certified specialist in Emergency Medicine and every physician deserves a fair, safe, and equitable practice setting. I will not sit by and allow outside interests threaten to take over our specialty. I want to work towards a safe environment for patients and physicians, due process for physicians, and the preservation of the independent doctor-patient relationship.

My first job out of residency, I signed on with a contract management group (CMG). They had recently acquired the ED contract at the hospital where I was originally offered a position with an independent group. If I declined the job at that time, I faced being unemployed and saddled with all my medical school debt and a new mortgage. And thus, began my exposure to corporate medicine. When I didn’t agree with blindly signing mid-level charts, I was threatened and labeled as a “disruptive physician.” When I saw a colleague fired without cause (but really because he was similarly "disruptive"), I had to silently cover his shifts. This experience validated all my concerns about corporate interference in medicine and became my call to action to do more for our profession.

As the past President of the Florida Chapter of AAEM, I have seen the effects of corporate medicine on my colleagues and patients in the state. Florida is often ground zero for questionable practices by CMGs. I have witnessed colleagues put the best interests of their patients first, only to get fired, be blacklisted, and be written off the schedule; shockingly, they were even accused of trying to interfere with the CMG’s contract. These “companies” do not care about patient safety or our medical licenses. Their only concern is profit and no one can threaten their bottom line. AAEM has long held that this type of interference in medicine should not be allowed.

AAEM’s values also include equitable conditions for physicians and I believe a part of this relates to gender equity, of which I am a strong proponent. As the Chair of the Women in EM (WiEM) committee for the previous two years, I have lead our efforts to advance women in Emergency Medicine and I am now overseeing the committee’s transition into a formal section of AAEM. I will continue to promote women in AAEM through award nominations, recognizing their achievements, and encouraging them to take leadership roles in their professional communities.

As physicians, our duty is to our patients: to be their advocates, to be their safety net for when they need it most. But who will protect us while we are in the trenches? I will. I will be your advocate and the advocate for Emergency Medicine physicians everywhere. I ask that you vote for me to join the AAEM Board.


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