Candidate for President-Elect

Allegheny Health Network Emergency Medicine Management

Nominated by: David A. Farcy, MD FAAEM FCCM; Mark Reiter, MD MBA MAAEM FAAEM; Brian Potts, MD MBA FAAEM

Membership: 2012-2020
Disclosure: Board Member - National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.

AAEM Activities (past five years)

AAEM Board of Directors
AAEM Foundation Board of Directors
AAEM LEAD-EM Board of Directors
Academic Affairs Committee Member
Academic Affairs Committee Board Liaison
ACCME Subcommittee Board Liaison
Education Committee Board Liaison
India Chapter Division of AAEM (AAEMi) Board Liaison
Inter-American Emergency Medicine Congress Speaker
LMS Task Force Chair
Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress Pre-Congress Chair
Residency Visit Liaison
Residency Visit Speaker
Scientific Assembly Planning Subcomittee Board Liaison
Scientific Assembly Student Ambassador Liaison

Candidate Statement

I have the privilege of serving on the AAEM board for my second term, and it has been a humbling and eye-opening experience that has deepened my understanding and my profound respect for the enormous impact we have upon our local communities. During this time, I have worked with many friends and colleagues from the Academy around the country to expand high quality Emergency care, to address the unique needs of Emergency Physicians and to advocate for students, residents and fellows who are the future of our specialty. At our 26th Scientific Assembly, I am asking for your support to serve as the next President-Elect of AAEM. As ABEM celebrates its 40th anniversary, AAEM is firmly entrenched as the “Champion of the Emergency Physician” and the Champion for Emergency Medicine delivered by board-certified Emergency Physicians.

With our specialty beginning its next decade, Emergency Medicine is entering a new stage, maybe a new era, in medicine. We no longer are the small voice in the halls of medicine that accompany being a young specialty. Emergency Physicians are now the leading voices, often the most poignant and articulate voices, in healthcare policy and broader social issues. We are at the forefront on the discussions of injury prevention, responsible firearm policies, diversity in medicine, the opioid crisis, HIV screening and treatment, global health, physician wellness, due process, meaningful reimbursement practices, and much more. This list exceeds 35,000 because it includes the spirit and passion of each board certified Emergency Physician. I share with my residents that if an issue has substance and importance in America then it is coming through our doors and people want to know from Emergency Physicians what are our views and what are the solutions. We have Emergency Physicians in local/state/national government positions, in healthcare executive offices and non-profit leadership roles, and, most importantly, in the front lines of medicine. We share a collective pride when we look around and take a moment to absorb the tremendous influence our specialty is having within our country. And this is the platform that serves as the basis of Emergency Medicine’s next stage. As AAEM’s President, I will continue dedicating my time and efforts to advance AAEM’s mission and to promote policies and practices that support Emergency Physicians who provide high quality care and support the Emergency Physicians themselves. I will work to strengthen and expand AAEM’s capacity to Champion the issues our members speak about and tackle each and every day.      

I am proud of AAEM’s vast accomplishments and optimistic that our Academy will play an even greater role in the future to improve the lives of our patients and our colleagues. It is an honor to serve you on the AAEM Board, and I ask for your continued support as President-Elect.



On January 1, 2020, I began a new role as President of Allegheny Health Network Emergency Medicine Management (AHNEMM). AHNEMM is a joint venture between Allegheny Health Network (AHN) and US Acute Care Solutions (USACS). AHNEMM provides Emergency Medicine coverage at 12 AHN hospitals and 5 affiliated hospitals in the Pittsburgh region and across Western Pennsylvania with a strong emphasis on due process. AHNEMM includes two EM residency programs at Allegheny General Hospital (an all AAEM residency program) and St. Vincent’s Hospital in Erie. In this role, I report directly to the AHNEMM Board that consists of three members from AHN and three members from USACS. I do not own any shares in USACS.

Our group provides W2 employment (not 1099) with health benefits, paid maternity & paternity leave, and 10% of salary contribution to 401K. In addition, we are now paying for any shifts missed due to COVID-19. In addition, since it's a physician-owned group, we have one of the strongest due process policies in the country. I'm sharing this only to demonstrate why there is no conflict of interest with AAEM's mission to be the Champion for EM Physicians.  


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