Luis E. Gomez, Sr., MD MBA FAAEM

Candidate for At-Large Director

Nominated by: David A. Farcy, MD FAAEM FCCM and Evie G. Marcolini, MD FAAEM FACEP

Membership: 2006-2019
Disclosure: Nothing to disclose at this time.

Florida Chapter Division Board of Directors 2010-2013
Florida Chapter Division Board of Directors Vice President 2013
AAEM/RSA Congressional Elective Fellow 2014
Government and National Affairs Committee 2014-2019
Scientific Assembly Speaker 2017
Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair 2018-2019
Common Sense Author 2018

Candidate Statement

It is an honor to be nominated to the Board of Directors of our courageous medical specialty society. Without AAEM to protect the rights of our specialty, and advocate for the integrity of our practice, the priority would never be the best interests of patients. With advocacy for our profession that rivals none, and a mission that puts the quality of the care we provide above profits, we promote a culture of professionalism that encourages equity and welcomes diversity beyond self-serving ends.

In an era of waning attention to ethics, professional organizations like AAEM and National Medical Association (NMA) steadily promote integrity, taking proactive positions to protect us on our most vulnerable fronts. My efforts at AAEM will go on being directed in this way. We acknowledge the education of residency-trained and boarded emergency medicine specialists. We consistently maintain oversight over corporate management groups (CMG) that includes questioning corporate sponsored training programs. We continue to defend due process. We call out discriminatory and suspect business practices such as lack of transparency, fee-splitting, and financial kick-backs. We remain watchful for evolving threats to the unencumbered practice of emergency medicine, even as the reimbursement landscape contracts profits, putting pressure on all of us. We will keep supporting these positions through advocacy and research. A physician’s right to stable employment should not be compromised for calling out lax standards of quality in the interest of increased profit margins. For decades, I have watched AAEM make this work an unquestioned priority and despite threats to my own right to practice, I plan to keep defending these values.

Finally, I believe the increased presence of underrepresented physicians in leadership in all aspects of our profession is critical to realizing health equity and best outcomes for all patients. This goal has been a major part of my focus as Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. I feel fortunate that, after education in places like Cornell, B.U and U. Chicago, I help train underrepresented physicians at an inner city safety net hospital at Howard University College of Medicine. None of it would have been possible without the support of organizations like AAEM and NMA, who welcome all voices. I am loyal to AAEM’s commitment to professional integrity despite the challenges of economic expediency from flawed benchmarks such as patient satisfaction scores. We know these are the real sources of stress leading to physician burnout. Most of us recognize that the allostatic load that leads to exhaustion more often comes from pushing back against lack of integrity, creating conflicts of interest. We will persist in focusing on setting ourselves apart using a moral compass to guide the invisible hand and keep up the fight for what is right in our profession.


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