Robert A. Frolichstein, MD FAAEM

Candidate for At-Large Director

Nominated by: David A. Farcy, MD FAAEM FCCM; Robert McNamara, MD MAAEM FAAEM; and Mark Reiter, MD MBA FAAEM

Membership: 1998-2019
Disclosure: Nothing to disclose at this time.

AAEM Board of Directors 2017-2019
AAEM Foundation Board of Directors 2017-2019
James Keaney Award 2017
EMS Committee Board Liaison 2017-2018
Geriatrics Interest Group Board Liaison 2018
Independent Practice Support Committee 2016-2019
Palliative Care Interest Group 2016-2019
Wilderness Medicine Interest Group Board Liaison 2018
Common Sense Author 2018

Candidate Statement

Thank you all for electing me to the AAEM Board of Directors in 2017. I enthusiastically desire a second term. It has been a gratifying experience and I believe I have been an asset to the Academy. Drs. David Farcy, Mark Reiter and Bob McNamara evidently agree as they have nominated me for a second term. I have been involved in several projects as part of the AAEM Board including:

  • A team exploring the feasibility of physician unions as a mechanism of protecting the individual emergency physician
  • Explored and authored a letter of support to a group of emergency physicians in Texas
  • Numerous discussions with individuals advocating for the AAEM Physician Group
  • Represented the EMS committee, Wilderness Medicine and Geriatric Interest Groups as the board liaison
  • Served on the team to create and define the AAEM Institute for Leadership, Education & Advancement in the Development of Emergency Medicine (LEAD-EM), a tribute to Dr. Kevin Rodgers
  • Part of an AAEM task force investigating the role of the Advanced Practice Providers (APP) in emergency medicine
  • The AAEM representative to an ACEP led, multi-organizational task force exploring emergency medicine workforce issues most prominently the role of the APP

The specialty of emergency medicine has a unique and meaningful history. We defined our specialty and have evolved using research and experience to become the experts in acute unscheduled care to anyone at any time.

For most, the care we deliver at the bedside is our calling and we do it because we feel it is what we are supposed to do in this life. However, we cannot escape the fact that is also our job and means of supporting our family. Just as we decide the best care for the patient at the bedside, I believe we should also decide how our jobs are structured. Physicians are the producers in the economy of the delivery of healthcare. We should be the ones to determine how the fruits of our labor are used to run the business and be distributed to the producers. More than the fair market value for services provided should not be taken from us. Yet we see this every day.

I sense a change coming. I talked to dozens of emergency physicians over the last year that are just starting their careers and they have a genuine interest in being part of a democratic group and involving themselves in group decisions. They do not want to create profit for organizations that define their workplace environment and group structure. I want to be part of an organization that advocates for the emergency physician first and foremost. AAEM will, and does advocate for emergency medicine as a whole, but their raison d’être is the individual emergency physician.

I believe the next 5-10 years may be tumultuous times in the house of medicine. I want to continue to be a part of the AAEM Board of Directors as the Academy works diligently to “have the back” of each and every emergency physician.


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