Phillip A. Dixon, MD MPH FAAEM

Candidate for YPS Director

Nominated by: Self Nomination

Membership: 2013-2019
Disclosure: Nothing to disclose at this time.

Young Physicians Section Board of Directors 2016-2018
Resident and Student Association Board of Directors 2015-2017
Resident and Student Association Vice President’s Council 2014-2015
Government and National Affairs Committee 2015-2018
Resident and Student Association Advocacy Committee Chair 2015-2016
Scientific Assembly Student Ambassador Mentor 2017, 2018

Candidate Statement

I am applying for the Young Physician Section Director of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. I very much appreciate the opportunity and consideration to continue my involvement in this tremendous organization. In the past, I have served on both the RSA board as a resident, as well as the YPS board after residency. My interests in emergency medicine include patient and physician advocacy, health policy, as well as administration. I am currently completing my MBA and my goal is to use that knowledge to improve operations and efficiency in the emergency department, as well as understanding budgets and financial accounts, which I was not taught previously in formal education.

Among the many initiatives that AAEM participates in, the most important to me has been the advocacy efforts. I have participated in AAEM’s advocacy day and feel AAEM provides an important voice for emergency physicians. AAEM’s strong support for the emergency medicine physician is ultimately why I want to continue to participate in this organization. AAEM’s position and advocacy efforts help fight against unsafe work environments that some physicians are faced with too often. AAEM’s support for democratic groups are second to none in emergency medicine, as well as fighting for and sustaining due process. Due process is integral to practicing emergency medicine and something I believe in strongly. I am applying for this position in order to continue my involvement with AAEM and participate in its important advocacy efforts.

I believe emergency medicine plays a unique role in the community as it functions as not only guaranteed care in case of emergency, but it also functions as a safety net for the most underserved and vulnerable patients. Unlike most other specialties, we as emergency medicine physicians do not chose our patients or their financial circumstances and the medical services we provide and the patient’s insurance status or ability to pay are not connected at all whatsoever. We need to protect our specialty and the physicians that practice this amazing specialty. AAEM champions those who serve our most vulnerable patients and I would be proud to continue my service in AAEM.


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