Considering Running for the Board?

You should seriously consider running for the AAEM Board of Directors.
Most emergency physicians will never have the opportunity to be a member of a board. That is too bad, because the experience is maturing and exhilarating. What better place is there to gain the experience of sitting on a board than in the safety of your own democratic professional organization? What you will learn over the course of three years is a lifelong investment in your future ability to function as a clear-headed change agent in the house of medicine.

What exactly is the AAEM BOD?
The AAEM board is a fiduciary body, responsible for governance of the organization and stewardship of its assets. It is the only body in the AAEM empowered to institute or change organization policies.

The duly elected AAEM BOD is empowered to act on behalf of the membership within the framework of the organization's bylaws. The BOD is legally, ethically, and morally responsible for performing its functions, and does so as "a body in meeting assembled."

The BOD is composed of three officers, nine directors who are called members at large and one resident physician member. The president, vice president and treasurer, as a group, form the Executive Committee, which has additional powers and accountabilities.

Our board members are not fluff - ever. In carrying out our responsibilities, the BOD must function well in eight areas of accountability:

  • Fulfilling corporate responsibilities
  • Policymaking and policy dissemination
  • Selection, performance and evaluation of the executive director
  • Strategic planning
  • Fiduciary oversight
  • Interaction with the public
  • Oversight of the management function
  • Review of the accomplishments of the board and the president

What are the demands and expectations of a member at large?
Availability, accessibility, ideas and a passion for change and growth are minimum requirements for a member at large position. For example, in-person meetings are held three times per year at various locations. Conference calls are interspersed between the in-person meetings. Your expenses for travel and lodging are reimbursed, according to policy.

How diverse is the BOD?
Diversity can be defined in many ways. The AAEM BOD is increasingly diverse, which is essential to its effective functioning as the leadership group of the organization

Do we need more diversity? Certainly! We need more, more and more diversity. We will be stronger and abler as an organization for it. Women, minority and international AAEM members who meet the qualifications, please consider running for a seat at the table!

How do I get more information about running for the BOD?
You are strongly encouraged to contact individual board members to obtain more information. We welcome your questions.

You should also feel free to contact AAEM staff at Staff members will walk you through the requirements for running. Be prepared to write a compelling platform statement that will be published in Common Sense. Also be prepared to give a thoughtful campaign speech and answer members' questions from the audience during the Candidates' Forum at the Scientific Assembly. You can nominate yourself or have someone else nominate you.

Authored by Margaret O'Leary, MD MBA FAAEM



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