27th Annual Scientific Assembly

Breve Dulce

What is Breve Dulce?

These ever-popular “short and sweet” sessions are seven-minute overviews and 25 slides packed full of information! We listened to your feedback and there are more Breve Dulce sessions this year.


Plan to catch a variety Breve Dulce topics at AAEM21 to round out your educational experience. Every 10 minutes there’s a new topic!



Breve Dulce Schedule

Monday, June 21 – Session 250

3:15pm-3:25pm Dear Toxicologist, I'm Sorry I Didn't Call | Peter Akpunonu, MD FAAEM
3:25pm-3:35pm Pediatric Dental Trauma | Daphne M. Morrison Ponce, MD FAAEM
3:35pm-3:45pm Balanced Solutions in the Management of Hypovolemic Hyperkalemia | George C. Willis, MD FAAEM
3:45pm-3:55pm EMploying EMpathy in EMergency Medicine Training: Mitigating Future Resident Burnout | Mohamad A. Moussa, MD FAAEM
3:55pm-4:05pm Hemoptysis: Pearls and Pitfalls | Megan Healy, MD FAAEM


Monday, June 21 – Session 285

5:00pm-5:10pm Visualizing Your Code in Real Time  |  Roberta J. Pritchard, MD
5:10pm-5:20pm COVID Cure Worse Than the Disease | Matthew D. Zuckerman, MD FAAEM
5:20pm-5:30pm Under Pressure: Don't Forget About the Other ACS | Mohamed Hagahmed, MD FAAEM
5:30pm-5:40pm Gabapentin for Mild to Moderate Alcohol Withdrawal: Why (and How) You Should Use It | Gregory Patek, MD OD FAAEM


Tuesday, June 22 – Session 335

10:15am-10:25am DIY Peritonsillar Abscess | Laura J. Bontempo, MD MEd FAAEM
10:25am-10:35am VP Shunt Malfunctions | Kathleen M. Stephanos, MD FAAEM
10:35am-10:45am Anchors, Cues, and Confirmation: Avoiding Cognitive Errors in the Emergency Department  | Matthew P. Borloz, MD FAAEM
10:45am-10:55am Tips and Tricks of Awake Intubations | Sean P. Dyer, MD FAAEM
10:55am-11:05am Why You Should Be Giving Children More Midazolam | Anne Whitehead, MD FAAEM
11:05am-11:15am Getting What you Deserve: Reimbursement for Medication Assisted Therapy | Jason Adler, MD FAAEM
11:15am-11:25am To Air is Human: Updates in Pneumothorax Management | Marco Propersi, DO FAAEM
11:25am-11:35am Fever Shock & Serositis | Manu Ayyan, MD FACEE
11:35am-11:45am Breaking Bad News: The Art of Death Notification | Andrew M. Bazakis, MD FAAEM
11:45am-11:55am Functional Pain Syndromes in the Emergency Department | Andrew S. Johnson, MD MPH FAAEM
11:55am-12:05pm What the Heck is a Jones Fracture Anyway? | James Webley, MD FAAEM


Tuesday, June 22 – Session 365

2:25pm-2:35pm Advanced Buprenorphine Applications | David B. Liss, MD FAAEM
2:35pm-2:45pm Resisting the EASY Button: Why It's Probably Not a UTI | Christopher R. Carpenter, MD MSc FAAEM AGSF
2:45pm-2:55pm Fun with Fingers | Maura E. Sammon, MD FAAEM
2:55pm-3:05pm Medication Assisted Therapy | Matthew D. Zuckerman, MD FAAEM
3:05pm-3:15pm Understanding Demand and Capacity Mismatch in an Academic Emergency Department Using a Staggered Staircase Model | Bryan Stenson, MD
3:15pm-3:25pm When Should I Reverse Rocuronium with Sugammadex in the Emergency Department? | Skyler A. Lentz, MD FAAEM
3:25pm-3:35pm Fix Him!: Delivering Bad News | Bob Zemple IV, MD FAAEM
3:35pm-3:45pm Save the (Future) Babies! A Talk About RhoGAM | Molly K. Estes, MD FACEP FAAEM
3:45pm-3:55pm Work Wellness | Kraftin E. Schreyer, MD CMQ FAAEM
3:55pm-4:05pm Turn Down the Radiation, Please! CT Findings That Can be Diagnosed with POCUS | Joshua Guttman, MD FRCPC FAAEM FACEP
4:05pm-4:15pm Is That Rash Going to Kill Me? Rapid Review of Life-Threatening Rashes | Afrah Abdul Wahid Ali, MBBS FAAEM


Tuesday, June 22 – Session 390

4:45pm-4:55pm Determining Capacity | Melissa Myers, MD FAAEM
4:55pm-5:05pm How We Learn: Make the Most Of What You're Listening to Next! | Andrew W. Phillips, MD MEd FAAEM
5:05pm-5:15pm Resonating with Corona: Essential Ultrasound Findings in COVID-19 | Eric J. Chin, MD MBA FAAEM
5:15pm-5:25pm Unraveling Brown Recluse Bites | David B. Liss, MD FAAEM
5:25pm-5:35pm The Cost of Survival:  Life-threatening Late Effects of Childhood Cancer Treatment | Loice A. Swisher, MD FAAEM
5:35pm-5:45pm Immunotherapy for Cancer: What the Emergency Physician Needs to Know | Paul S. Jansson, MD MS


Wednesday, June 23 – Session 405

8:45am-8:55am Insulin Pump & Preventing the Patient Crump | Rupal Jain, MD
8:55am-9:05am How to Give an Inclusive Presentation: From Delivery to Content | Cortlyn Brown, MD
9:05am-9:15am Medical Lessons Learned & Forgotten From Historical Pandemics that Changed Public Health Practice and Society | Michael D. Owens, DO FAAEM
9:15am-9:25am Are You Performing GCS Correctly? | Wan-Tsu W. Chang, MD FAAEM
9:25am-9:35am Understanding the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and Why It Matters to EM Physicians | Andrew Rizzo, DO FAAEM
9:35am-9:45am TBA


Wednesday, June 23 – Session 425

11:00am-11:10am TBA
11:10am-11:20am In a Tight Spot: The Crashing Aortic Stenosis Patient | Patricia D. Panakos, MD FAAEM
11:20am-11:30am Bringing the Bronchoscope to the Bedside | Gregory P. Wu, MD FAAEM
11:30am-11:40am Extracorporeal Removal Techniques in Overdose | Halil Dogan, PhD MD
11:40am-11:50am Droperidol: Welcome Back Old Friend | Bruce M. Lo, MD MBA RDMS FAAEM
11:50am-12:00pm TBA