25th Annual Scientific Assembly

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring an official conference event or activity not only offers a more rewarding experience for attendees, it increases your organization’s visibility among them. In addition, AAEM gives special recognition to sponsors through official signs and prominent listings in the official meeting programs. To secure a sponsorship opportunity, complete the form below, or contact info@aaem.org.


Sponsorship Form (PDF)


Featured Opportunities


The final program contains general conference information including conference schedule, maps and exhibitor information. The final program is given to each attendee upon check-in at the registration desk. Advertisers receive one full-page black and white advertisement (with pre-approval).

Speaker presentations are placed on the memory stick with company name. A coupon will be placed in delegate bags and memory stick can be redeemed at the supporter’s exhibit. Sponsors are responsible for providing the memory sticks.

AAEM would like to provide attendees with Internet access. The sponsor would be acknowledged in conference literature and signage throughout the conference.

Help promote healthy lifestyle choices by sponsoring pedometers for each conference attendee. Your company name will appear on pedometers worn by conference attendees as they walk to conference events, at home, or in the emergency department. Sponsors are responsible for providing the pedometers.

AAEM would like to provide water bottles to our attendees. AAEM will only accept Bisphenol A (BPA) free water bottles. Your company name will appear on the bottle. Sponsors are responsible for providing the water bottles.

LUNCHEON ($5,000 - $10,000)
Sponsor will be recognized through signage and use of sponsor’s cups, napkins, etc. if available. One sponsor = $10,000 and two sponsors = $5,000 each.

Attendees would enjoy a continental breakfast sponsored by your company. Sponsor is recognized through signage. If sponsor would like to provide napkins, cups, etc., please notify AAEM. One sponsor = $7,500 and two sponsors = $3,750 each.

Spaced at convenient times during the conference schedule, sponsor is recognized through signage. If sponsor would like to provide napkins, cups, etc., please notify AAEM. One sponsor = $5,000 and two sponsors = $2,500 each.

A video monitor located near the registration desk will provide up to date conference information for the length of the conference. Sponsor is recognized through signage.

Notepads will be distributed to more than 1,000 delegates in the registration bags. Company can be printed on the notepads. Sponsors are responsible for providing the notepads.

The AAEM Physician Wellness and Burnout Prevention Committee is excited to offer a repeat of the AAEM Wellness 5K Fun Run/Walk and Early Risers Yoga Sessions. Associate your company name with these wellness events to include signage, fun run t-shirts, and refreshments.

Non-CME Educational Programs provide an opportunity for commercial organizations to present information about their products or services to delegates attending the AAEM 25th Annual Scientific Assembly. The material presented may be promotional and may concentrate on a specific product. Non-CME Educational Programs are up to 90 minutes in length, scheduled unopposed over the lunch period, and open to all Assembly attendees on a first-come, first-served basis. Food and beverage options available for an additional cost. Sponsorship fee includes the following:

  • Function space at the Caesars Palace
  • Promotion of the program in the AAEM19 mobile app and the final program
  • One set of pre-registration attendee mailing labels for a one-time use
  • One advertising insert in the AAEM19 registration bags

Showcase your company name on the AAEM19 Twitter Board! This prominent screen showcases a live running feed of all tweets with the #AAEM19 hashtag. Situated in a high-traffic area, this board is a unique opportunity to highlight your company in a place that will draw many attendees’ eyes.

AAEM will insert your company’s flyer or other information (with preapproval) into the registration bags. A registration bag is given to each attendee. Sponsors are responsible for the cost of printing.

Get a head start by mailing product information or booth invitations in advance to registrants! You may purchase a set of pre-registration mailing labels for this purpose. Post-assembly labels are also available. The cost is $450 for one-time use. *Please Note: The AAEM mailing labels are not available in electronic format and are intended for one-time use only.

The Women in Emergency Medicine and Diversity and Inclusion Social Event is an open invitation mixer to encourage networking, mentorship, and camaraderie among AAEM members and AAEM19 attendees. Entering its third consecutive year, this social event is jointly hosted by the Women in Emergency Medicine Committee and the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. Sponsor is recognized thru signage and an optional presence at the event.


Common Sense Advertising

Common Sense is the member magazine of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM). It is a bi-monthly publication that reports on AAEM activities and news from the emergency medicine community. It is delivered to the AAEM membership, which currently stands at over 8,000 emergency physicians, residents, and others interested in emergency medicine.

15% Discount for Exhibitors!

Ad Type Size Single Insertion Multiple Insertion

Full Page

7"w x 10"h


$506.60* each

Half Page Verticle

3-5/16"w x 10"h


$432.65* each

Half Page Horizontal

7"w x 5"h


$432.65* each

Quarter Page

3-5/16"w x 5"h


$358.70* each

*Pricing includes exhibitor discount.

Rates are based on providing a high resolution PDF. Common Sense is a 4-color publication.


Other Sponsorships Available

Have another idea? AAEM will work with you to develop a sponsorship program tailored to your specific needs. The items listed above are just a sample of the sponsorships available. Call AAEM at (800) 844-2236 to discuss other options.