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American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Join a State Chapter

AAEM members can make an impact on the local level by forming a state chapter of AAEM. Although the bylaws of a potential state chapter must be approved by the AAEM board of directors in order to make the liaison with AAEM official, an important feature of AAEM state chapters is that they are run as separate organizations from the national society. Although emergency physicians are certainly encouraged to join both their state chapter and national AAEM, there is no requirement that they do. Those physicians who wish to belong solely to an AAEM state chapter may contact info@aaem.org to complete the application process.

AAEM currently has eleven official state chapters. Find out more about each chapter below.

California Chapter

Find out more information about CALAAEM.
Membership: Over 700 members
     President: Lisa Mills, MD FAAEM
     Vice President: John Christensen, MD FAAEM
     Secretary: Jennifer Kanapicki Comer, MD FAAEM
     Treasurer: Shahram Lotfipour, MD MPH FAAEM
     Full Voting ($120)
     Associate ($60)
     Resident (Free)
     Resident w/ WestJEM ($25.00)
     Student (Free)
     Student w/ WestJEM ($25.00)

Western Journal ofWestJEM
Emergency Medicine


Delaware Valley Chapter

The Delaware Valley Chapter of AAEM is the state chapter for emergency physicians from
New Jersey, Delaware, and Southeast Pennsylvania.

Membership: Over 400 members
     Delaware President: Brian Levine, MD FAAEM
     New Jersey President: Brian Walsh, MD FAAEM
     Pennsylvania President: Robert McNamara, MD FAAEM
     Delaware Director: John Madden, MD FAAEM
     New Jersey Director: Michael Silverman, MD FAAEM
     Pennsylvania Director: Michael LeWitt, MD FAAEM
     Full Voting ($50.00)
     Associate ($25.00)
     Resident (Free)
     Student (Free)

Florida Chapter       


3rd Annual FLAAEM Scientific Assembly
March 14-16, 2014
Grand Beach Hotel-Surfside
Surfside (Miami), Florida
Conference Schedule, Registration and Hotel Information
Join us for a great line-up of speakers in sunny Southern Florida! 
This activity has been approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™.

Membership: 200 members
     President: David Farcy, MD FAAEM
     Immediate Past President: Kenneth A Scheppke, MD FAAEM
     Secretary/Treasurer: Vicki Norton, MD FAAEM
     Past President's Council Representative: Joel Stern, MD FAAEM
At Large Directors:
     Adam Bello, MD FAAEM
     Mark Foppe, DO FAAEM
     David Rosenthal, MD FAAEM
     Joseph Shiber, MD FAAEM
Resident Representative:
     Richard Giroux, DO
     Full Voting ($100.00)
     Affiliate ($50.00) - Click here for application & more information
     Associate ($50.00)
     Resident (Free)
     Student (Free)

Great Lakes Chapter - NEW

Visit www.glaaem.org

Membership: Introductory year
     President: Michael Walters, MD FAAEM
     Vice President: Ronny Otero, MD FAAEM
     Secretary/Treasurer: Sudhir Baliga, MD FAAEM
     Full Voting: $50.00
     Associate: $50.00
     Resident: Free
     Student: Free

Louisiana Chapter

President: Damon Dietrich, MD FAAEM                 
Past-President: Andy Mayer, MD FAAEM

Missouri Chapter

Membership: Almost 50 members
     President: Ross Heller, MD FAAEM
     Vice President: Laurie Byrne, MD FAAEM
     Secretary/Treasurer: Steve Lorber, MD FAAEM
     Komo Gurashami, MD FAAEM
     Carl Kraemer, MD FAAEM
     Vijai Chauhan, MD FAAEM
     Preti Dalawari, MD FAAEM
     Katrina Wade, MD FAAEM
     Full Voting ($100.00)
     Associate ($50.00)
     Resident (Free)
     Student (Free)
     Allied Health ($25.00)

New York Chapter - NEW

Visit www.nyaaem.org

Membership: Introductory year
     President: Eric Lubliner, MD FAAEM
     Vice President: Hossein T. Kalantari, MD MPH FAAEM
     Secretary/Treasurer: Denis R. Pauze, MD FAAEM
     William F. Paolo, MD FAAEM
At Large Directors:
     Lillian Oshva, MD FAAEM
     Full Voting (Free - Introductory rate for 2014)
     Associate (Free - Introductory rate for 2014 )
     Resident (Free)
     Medical Student (Free)

Tennessee Chapter

Membership: Over 50 members
     President: David W. Lawhorn, MD FAAEM
     Vice President: Andy Walker, MD FAAEM
     Nabil Boutros, MD
     Sherry J. Galloway, MD FAAEM
     Kevin Beier, MD FAAEM
     Full Voting ($50.00)
     Associate ($25.00)
     Resident (Free)
     Student (Free)

Texas Chapter

Membership: Over 150
     President - Brandon Browne, MD FAAEM
     Vice President - Jon Jaffe, MD FAAEM
     Secretary - David A. Smith, MD FAAEM

     Full Voting Member ($50.00)
     3 year Full Voting Member ($100.00)
     Associate Member ($25.00)            
     3 year Associate Member ($50.00)

Uniformed Services Chapter (USAAEM)

Find out more information about USAAEM.

Nominations for the Board of Directors Elections are now closed.
Online elections will open May 15, 2014.

Membership: Over 190 members

USAAEM Board of Directors 2013

     President: David Tanen, MD FAAEM
     Immdiate Past President: Sean Keenan, MD FAAEM
     Vice President: David Bruner, MD FAAEM
     Secretary/Treasurer: Open
Air Force Representative:
    James Lantry, MD
Army Representative:
     Brian Hall, MD FAAEM
Navy Representative:
     Michael Matteucci, MD FAAEM
Retired /Reservist Representative:
     Daniel Dire, MD FAAEM
Resident Representative:
     Patrick Magajna, MD MS
Student Representative:
     Devin Keefe
     Full Voting ($50.00)
     Associate ($30.00)
     Resident  (Free)
     Student (Free)

Virginia Chapter

Find out more information about AAEM VA-AAEM.

Membership: Almost 200 members.
     President: Joel M. Schofer, MD RDMS FAAEM      President's Message
     Vice President: William J. Brady, MD FAAEM
     Secretary/Treasurer: Nelsson H. Becerra, MD RDMS FAAEM
At-Large Board Members:
     Francis X. Chuidian, MD FAAEM
     Joel M. Clingenpeel, MD MPH FAAEM
     Matthew P. Rhames, MD FAAEM
     John P. Riordan, MD FAAEM
     Allen Yee, MD FAAEM
Co-Resident Representative:
     Michael Joseph Vitto, DO
     Steven Whelpley, DO
Student Representative:
     Ryan Peterfy
     Full Voting ($75.00)
     Associate ($50.00)
     Allied Health (Free)
     Allied Health w/WestJEM ($25.00)
     Resident (Free)
     Resident w/WestJEM ($25.00)
     Student (Free)
     Student w/WestJEM ($25.00)