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Original Contributions

Cranial Computed Tomography Utilization for Suspected Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Malfunction in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Joanna S. Cohen, Nazreen Jamal, Candice Dawes, James M. Chamberlain, Shireen M. Atabaki

Pain Management: Association with Patient Satisfaction among Emergency Department Patients
Hemangini C. Bhakta, Catherine A. Marco

Effect of Delay in Hospital Presentation on Clinical and Imaging Findings in Acute Pulmonary Thromboembolism
Yaser Jenab, Mohammad Javad Alemzadeh-Ansari, Seyedeh Arezoo Fehri, Neda Ghaffari-Marandi, Arash Jalali

Clinical Communications: Adults

Double Simultaneous Defibrillators for Refractory Ventricular Fibrillation
Benjamin W. Leacock

A 32-Year-Old Man with Delayed Onset Post-Traumatic Proptosis and Diplopia
Benjamin P. Erickson, Thomas E. Johnson

Acute Lumbar Radiculopathy with Weak Legs
Benjamin A. Hickey, Sashin Ahuja

Clinical Communications: Pediatrics

Asymptomatic Chronic Epidural Hematoma in a Child As a Result of Extracranial Decompression
Elif Yaka, Murat Pekdemir, Ahmet Kama, Hasan Tahsin Sarısoy, Serkan Yılmaz

Selected Topics: Toxicology

High-Dose Insulin and Intravenous Lipid Emulsion Therapy for Cardiogenic Shock Induced by Intentional Calcium-Channel Blocker and Beta-Blocker Overdose: A Case Series
Bruce Doepker, William Healy, Eric Cortez, Eric J. Adkins

Multiple Poisonings with Sodium Azide at a Local Restaurant
Evan S. Schwarz, Paul M. Wax, Kurt C. Kleinschmidt, Kapil Sharma, Wendy M. Chung, Gabriela Cantu, Erin Spargo, Elizabeth Todd

Selected Topics: Prehospital Care

A Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Prehospital Delay Time in Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)
Mary Mooney, Gabrielle McKee, Gerard Fealy, Frances O' Brien, Sharon O'Donnell, Debra Moser

Selected Topics: Critical Care

Slow-onset and Fast-onset Symptom Presentations In Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS): New Perspectives on Prehospital Delay in Patients with ACS
Sharon O'Donnell, Gabrielle McKee, Mary Mooney, Frances O'Brien, Debra K. Moser

Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine

Middle-Aged Man with Left Neck Pain and Swelling
Elyse Lavine, Turandot Saul, Resa E. Lewiss

Ultrasound-Guidance Can Reduce Adverse Events During Femoral Central Venous Cannulation
John T. Powell, Jennifer T. Mink, Jason T. Nomura, Brian J. Levine, Neil Jasani, Wendy L. Nichols, James Reed, Paul R. Sierzenski

Pharmacology in Emergency Medicine

Management of Dabigatran-associated Intracerebral and Intraventricular Hemorrhage: A Case Report
Andrew C. Faust, Evan J. Peterson

Visual Diagnosis in Emergency Medicine

Scurvy: Malnourishment in the Land of Plenty
Nicholas H. Kluesner, Daniel G. Miller

Letters to the Editor

Emergency Department Evaluation of Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW)-Injured Patients
Jared Strote, H. Range Hutson

Re: Emergency Department Evaluation of Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW)-Injured Patients
Gary M. Vilke, William P. Bozeman, Theodore C. Chan

Safety of Transcardiac Conducted Electrical Weapon Probe Deployments Remains Unclear
Jared Strote

Bozeman et al. Response to Strote
William P. Bozeman, James E. Winslow, Eric Teacher

Emergency Department Screening for Military Sexual Trauma at VA Healthcare System
Nancy Lutwak


The Multiple Mini-Interview for Emergency Medicine Resident Selection
Laura R. Hopson, John C. Burkhardt, R. Brent Stansfield, Taher Vohra, Danielle Turner-Lawrence, Eve D. Losman

Does the Experience of the Writer Affect the Evaluative Components on the Standardized Letter of Recommendation in Emergency Medicine?
Daniel L. Beskind, Katherine M. Hiller, Uwe Stolz, Hans Bradshaw, Matthew Berkman, Lisa R. Stoneking, Albert Fiorello, Alice Min, Chad Viscusi, Kristi J.H. Grall

Administration of Emergency Medicine

Entropy: A Conceptual Approach to Measuring Situation-level Workload Within Emergency Care and its Relationship to Emergency Department Crowding
Peter W. Crane, Yuan Zhou, Yifan Sun, Li Lin, Sandra M. Schneider

The Impact of Patient Telephone Call after Discharge on Likelihood to Recommend in an Academic Emergency Department
David A. Guss, Siobhan Gray, Edward M. Castillo

Public Health in Emergency Medicine

Knowledge of Alcohol Impairment in Boaters in Southern Illinois
Preeti Dalawari, Maria L. Scarbrough

Humanities and Medicine

He Lay in Pain
Richard M. Ratzan

American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Brief Reports

Management of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Regina R. Sacco, David B. Burmeister, Valerie A. Rupp, Marna Rayl Greenberg

Imaging of Frequent Emergency Department Users with Alcohol Use Disorders
Baker H. Hamilton, Amish Sheth, Ross T. McCormack, Ryan P. McCormack

Current issue

Volume 46 • Issue 4
April- 2014

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