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Original Contributions

The Weekend Effect for Patients with Sepsis Presenting to the Emergency Department
Emilie S. Powell, Rahul K. Khare, D. Mark Courtney, Joe Feinglass

Does Age Affect Analgesia Provision at Discharge among Children with Long Bone Fractures Requiring Emergency Care?
Henry W. Ortega, Heidi Vander Velden, Chia-Wei Lin, James A. Engels, Samuel Reid

Patient Factors Associated with Failure to Diagnose Tuberculosis in the Emergency Department
Brian C. Geyer, Patrick Godwin, Travis J. Powell, Maricela P. Moffitt, Frank LoVecchio

Clinical Communications: Adults

Management of Subcutaneous Emphysema with “Gills”: Case Report and Review of the Literature
Matthew V. Kiefer, Colin M. Feeney

Postobstructive Pulmonary Edema in a 40-Year-Old Man after Suffocation by a Swimming Pool Cover
Ann H. Tsung, John H. Slish, Nathaniel P. Lisenbee, Brandon R. Allen

Clinical Communications: Pediatrics

Septic Arthritis of the Temporomandibular Joint: Case Reports and Review of the Literature
Eryka A. Gayle, Sean M. Young, Samuel J. McKenna, Candace D. McNaughton

Clinical Communications: OB/GYN

A Case of Hickam's Dictum: Concurrent Appendicitis and Ectopic Pregnancy
Joseph D. Pate, Dana Kindermann, Kori Hudson

Selected Topics: Toxicology

Elevated Acetaminophen Concentration Measured After Nasal Insufflation of Percocet®
Nicole Reid, Maryann Mazer-Amirshahi, Cathleen Clancy, Laura James, John van den Anker

Selected Topics: Prehospital Care

Vented Chest Seals for Prevention of Tension Pneumothorax in a Communicating Pneumothorax
Joseph G. Kotora, Jose Henao, Lanny F. Littlejohn, Sara Kircher

Selected Topics: Neurologic Emergencies

Acute Nontraumatic Spinal Intradural Hematoma in a Patient on Warfarin
Robert A. Bruce-Brand, Gabrielle C. Colleran, James M. Broderick, Darren F. Lui, Eimear M. Smith, Eoin C. Kavanagh, Ashley R. Poynton

Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine

Ultrasound-guided Arthrocentesis of the Elbow: A Posterior Approach
Keith S. Boniface, Kunal Ajmera, Joanna S. Cohen, Yiju Teresa Liu, Hamid Shokoohi

Case Presentations of the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residencies

Shock One Week after Abdominal Surgery
Patricia C. Henwood, David A. Peak, Liza Gonen, Eric S. Nadel, David F.M. Brown

Visual Diagnosis in Emergency Medicine

A Case of Vaginal Bleeding: A New Complication of an Advanced Technique
Nicholas Morin, Christine B. Irish

A Sonographic Sign of Papilledema
Simon James Donhou, Hugo D.M. Poncia

Emergency Forum

Law Enforcement and the Long Gun: Do We Need a New Face in the Fight?
Mark Cannon

Letters to the Editor

A Young Military Recruit with Unilateral Atypical Swelling of His Left Arm: Malingering Revisited
Levent Tekin, Salim K. Tuncer, Selim Akarsu, Murat Eroglu

Severe Hypocalcemia Masquerading as Acute Coronary Syndrome
Rocío Gómez-Domínguez, Rafael Hidalgo, Juan C. García-Rubira


Effective Teaching and Feedback Skills for International Emergency Medicine “Train the Trainers” Programs
Scott G. Weiner, Vicken Y. Totten, Gabrielle A. Jacquet, Katherine Douglass, Diane M. Birnbaumer, Susan B. Promes, Ian B.K. Martin, Society for Academic Emergency Medicine's Global Emergency Medicine Academy

A Brief Educational Intervention Is Effective in Teaching the Femoral Nerve Block Procedure to First-Year Emergency Medicine Residents
Saadia Akhtar, Ula Hwang, Eitan Dickman, Bret P. Nelson, Rolfe Sean Morrison, Knox H. Todd

Administration of Emergency Medicine

The Relationship between Patients' Perceptions of Team Effectiveness and their Care Experience in the Emergency Department
Amira Kipnis, Karin V. Rhodes, Christian N. Burchill, Elizabeth Datner

Screening for Elderly Patients Admitted to the Emergency Department Requiring Specialized Geriatric Care
Olivier Beauchet, Cyrille P. Launay, Bruno Fantino, Nicolas Lerolle, Franck Maunoury, Cédric Annweiler

Resident-Initiated Advanced Triage Effect on Emergency Department Patient Flow
Irina Svirsky, Lisa R. Stoneking, Kristi Grall, Matthew Berkman, Uwe Stolz, Farshad Shirazi

International Emergency Medicine

Oxygen Saturation Can Predict Pediatric Pneumonia in a Resource-Limited Setting
Payal Modi, Richard B. Mark Munyaneza, Elizabeth Goldberg, Garry Choy, Randheer Shailam, Pallavi Sagar, Sjirk J. Westra, Solange Nyakubyara, Mathias Gakwerere, Vanessa Wolfman, Alexandra Vinograd, Molly Moore, Adam C. Levine

Violence: Recognition, Management, and Prevention

Health Care Personnel and Workplace Violence in the Emergency Departments of a Volatile Metropolis: Results from Karachi, Pakistan
Waleed Zafar, Emaduddin Siddiqui, Kiran Ejaz, Muhammad Umer Shehzad, Uzma Rahim Khan, Seemin Jamali, Junaid A. Razzak

American Academy of Emergency Medicine

AAEM Clinical Practice

Emergency Department Management of Patients with ACE-inhibitor Angioedema
Michael E. Winters, Steven Rosenbaum, Gary M. Vilke, Faisal Y. Almazroua

Brief Reports

Group A Streptococcal Necrotizing Fasciitis in the Emergency Department
Jiun-Nong Lin, Lin-Li Chang, Chung-Hsu Lai, Hsi-Hsun Lin, Yen-Hsu Chen

Clinical Reviews

Angioedema: Etiology, Pathophysiology, Current and Emerging Therapies
Lawrence M. Lewis

Hyperglycemic Crisis
Ronald Van Ness-Otunnu, Jason B. Hack

Book and Other Media Reviews

Book and Other Media Reviews
Edward J. Otten

Current issue

Volume 45 • Issue 5
November- 2013

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