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Original Contributions

Cervical Spine Injury: Analysis and Comparison of Patients by Mode of Transportation
Alfredo E. Urdaneta, Geoff Stroh, James Teng, Brandy Snowden, Tyler W. Barrett, Gregory W. Hendey

Relationship between Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Intra-compartmental Pressures
William M. Reisman, Michael S. Shuler, Tracy L. Kinsey, Ashley L. Cole, Thomas E. Whitesides, Maria G. Davila, Emily K. Smith, Thomas J. Moore

Predicting Peripheral Venous Access Difficulty in the Emergency Department Using Body Mass Index and a Clinical Evaluation of Venous Accessibility
Mustapha Sebbane, Pierre-Géraud Claret, Sophie Lefebvre, Grégoire Mercier, Josh Rubenovitch, Riad Jreige, Jean-Jacques Eledjam, Jean-Emmanuel de La Coussaye

Utility of Observation Units for Young Emergency Department Chest Pain Patients
Sora Ely, Abhinav Chandra, Giselle Mani, Weiying Drake, Debbie Freeman, Alexander T. Limkakeng

No Diversion in Western Massachusetts
Niels K. Rathlev, Fidela Blank, Ben Osborne, Adam Kellogg, Haiping Li, Jacques Blanchet, Ray F. Conway, Louis Durkin, Rick Gerstein, Stan Strzempko, Manish Vig, John P. Santoro, Paul Visintainer

Outcomes in Canadian Emergency Department Syncope Patients – Are We Doing a Good Job?
Venkatesh Thiruganasambandamoorthy, Erik P. Hess, Ekaterina Turko, Jeffrey J. Perry, George A. Wells, Ian G. Stiell

Clinical Communications: Adults

A Pain in the Neck: Non-traumatic Adult Retropharyngeal Abscess
Christopher K. Schott, Francis L. Counselman, Allison R. Ashe

Hyperacute T-waves: Wolff-Parkinson-White Pattern or Acute Coronary Syndrome?
Shawn Ragbir, Hani Jneid, Saamir Hassan, Biykem Bozkurt

A Mysterious Cause of a Surgical Abdomen
Amanjit S. Baadh, Sandeep Singh, Robert E. Graham

Tension Pneumocephalus: An Uncommon Cause of Altered Mental Status
Joshua Simmons, Andrew M. Luks

Colorectal Perforation by Self-induced Hydrostatic Pressure: A Report of Two Cases
Pyong Wha Choi

Eyelid Necrotizing Fasciitis: What Were the Early Signs?
Anish N. Shah, Alexander C. Day, Vourneen C. Healy, Jane M. Olver

Acute Calcific Tendinitis of the Wrist
Sam S. Torbati, Daniel Bral, Joel M. Geiderman

Ketamine for Palliative Sedation in the Emergency Department
Gil Z. Shlamovitz, Ahmed Elsayem, Knox H. Todd

Clinical Communications: Pediatrics

Hair Toe Tourniquet Syndrome in a Four-year-old Boy
Benjamin A. Hickey, Suraj Gulati, S. Naidu Maripuri

Selected Topics: Toxicology

Synthetic Cannabinoid Intoxication: A Case Series and Review
Carson R. Harris, Ashley Brown

Massive Human Ingestion of Orpiment (Arsenic Trisulfide)
Jennie A. Buchanan, Aaron Eberhardt, Zachary D. Tebb, Kennon Heard, Richard F. Wendlandt, Michael J. Kosnett

Formic Acid Poisoning in a Tertiary Care Center in South India: A 2-Year Retrospective Analysis of Clinical Profile and Predictors of Mortality
Dae Dalus, Ashish Jacob Mathew, Saran Somarajan Pillai

Severe Chlorate Poisoning Successfully Treated with Methylene Blue
Eric Lee, Dong Haur Phua, Beng Leong Lim, Hsin Kai Goh

Gas-Producing Cellulitis from Injection of Spot Remover Fluid (n-Hexane)
Naoko Omori, Nobuyuki Mitsukawa, Yoshitaka Kubota, Kaneshige Satoh

Selected Topics: Prehospital Care

Comparison of Neurological Outcome between Tracheal Intubation and Supraglottic Airway Device Insertion of Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients: A Nationwide, Population-based, Observational Study
Seizan Tanabe, Toshio Ogawa, Manabu Akahane, Soichi Koike, Hiromasa Horiguchi, Hideo Yasunaga, Tatsuhiro Mizoguchi, Tetsuo Hatanaka, Hiroyuki Yokota, Tomoaki Imamura

Emergency Medical Service Providers' Experiences with Traffic Congestion
Russell Griffin, Gerald McGwin

Predictive Factors of Successful Telephone-assisted Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Arnaud Martinage, Yann Penverne, Philippe Le Conte, Marie San Miguel, Joël Jenvrin, Emmanuel Montassier, Frédéric Berthier, Gilles Potel

How Well Do Emergency Medical Dispatch Codes Predict Prehospital Medication Administration in a Diverse Urban Community?
Karl A. Sporer, Keith G. Wilson

Selected Topics: Emergency Radiology

Emergency Department Contrast Practices for Abdominal/Pelvic Computed Tomography—A National Survey and Comparison with the American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria®
Joshua S. Broder, Azita G. Hamedani, Shan W. Liu, Charles L. Emerman

Selected Topics: Critical Care

Terlipressin Decreases Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Expression and Improves Oxygenation in Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Shock
Feng Hua, Xiang Wang, Lei Zhu

Successful Resuscitation after Multiple Injuries in the Wilderness
Jonathan G. Hill, Savanna J. Hardekopf, Jefferson W. Chen, James C. Krieg, Raymond B. Bracis, Raymond J. Petrillo, William B. Long, Julie A. Garrison, Richard F. Edlich

Selected Topics: Sports Medicine

Myocardial Ischemia Associated with Clenbuterol Abuse: Report of Two Cases
David S. Huckins, Mark F. Lemons

Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine

Identification of Splenic Infarction by Emergency Department Ultrasound
David C. Mackenzie, Otto Liebmann
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Volume 44 • Issue 2
February 2013

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