American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Thomas R. Tobin, MD MBA FAAEM

Candidate for At-Large Director

Nominated by: William Durkin, MD MBA CPE FAAEM; David A. Farcy, MD FAAEM FCCM
Membership: 2002-2017
Disclosure: Nothing to disclose at this time.

  • AAEM Board of Directors 2016-2017
  • Independent Practice Support Committee, Chair 2015-2017
  • Chapter Division Committee 2016-2017
  • AAEM Residency Visit Speaker 2012-2017


Candidate Statement

I was fortunate enough to have been part of the Board of Directors for the past year. I was appointed to fill a one year vacancy left from last year’s election. I continued to chair the Independent Practice Support Committee during the past year.

During the past year, I contributed to several projects. These included advocating and fighting for EM Physician rights in billing and employment. Supporting and successfully pushing back against insurance companies continued efforts to not fairly pay EM physicians for patient care.

It has been my pleasure to serve every EM Physician in my roles as part of AAEM. I have spent my whole career supporting, advocating and fighting for EM Physicians and the independent practice of medicine. Ultimately benefiting the patients for which we care every day.

I ask that you allow me to continue to serve you at AAEM as a member of the board of directors. Thank you for considering me and voting for me.