American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Evadne G. Marcolini, MD FAAEM FACEP

Candidate for At-Large Director

Nominated by: David A. Farcy, MD FAAEM FCCM
Membership: 2005-2017
Disclosure: Nothing to disclose at this time.

  • ACCME Sub-Committee 2013-2016
  • Education Committee 2013-2016
  • Mentorship Sub-Committee 2016
  • Scientific Assembly Speaker 2013-2016
  • Scientific Assembly Planning Committee Co-Chair 2015-2016
  • Scientific Assembly Abstract Competition Reviewer 2015
  • Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress Speaker 2015
  • Inter-American Emergency Medicine Congress Speaker 2012, 2014

Candidate Statement

It is a great honor to be nominated to the Board of Directors of AAEM. I have been a member of AAEM since 2005, back when I was a resident, trying to figure out the landscape of emergency medicine, and what different organizations mean to the practicing emergency physician. As I discovered, AAEM does the best job of representing the individual emergency physician and focuses on how to do the right thing for those who are giving excellent patient care to all patients, irrespective of cultural or socioeconomic backgrounds. The world of medicine, including emergency medicine is changing. It is no longer as simple as doing the best job we can in taking care of patients; we must understand and attend to the details of financial, legal and management practices in order to accomplish the best care for our patients. This is more complicated than what we learned in medical school, and takes a team of dedicated experts to interpret, communicate and implement changes in our practice structure. My role has been in education and integrating AAEM membership into an active role in the Academy.

In all of my activities with AAEM, I have appreciated the spirit of the individuals who organize and participate in the Academy and its activities. We are a diverse group of professionals dedicated to excellence in taking care of patients as well as taking care of each other. We volunteer our time to make AAEM and emergency medicine the best that it can be. Part of this mission includes communicating our values to the next generation, and getting them involved. This has been a core element of my work on the Education committee, and the Scientific Assembly. My goal is to continue representing the best that we stand for, and to educate, inspire and recruit younger professionals to become involved. It has been exciting to see new educators and speakers step up to the plate in our education activities, as well as to mentor them in involvement in their growth as educators. I look forward to contributing my talents to the Board, and to earning your vote!