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American Academy of Emergency Medicine


AAEM encourages candidates for election to the board of directors who have a previous record of service and commitment to the Academy.

  • What Sets Us Apart: These election procedures are truly what make AAEM unique among professional medical associations.
  • Democratic PrinciplesWe believe the democratic principles that guide us are one of AAEM's greatest strengths.
  • Any Full-Voting Member: In AAEM, any individual full voting member can be nominated and elected to the board of directors. Any YPS member can be nominated and elected to the YPS director position. Self-nominations are allowed and encouraged.

Nomination Process

The president, president-elect, secretary-treasurer, and three at-large director positions are currently open as well as the Young Physicians Section (YPS) director position.

To nominate yourself or another full voting member for a board position or YPS director, submit the nomination form below.

Required information includes the following:

  1. Name of nominee. Each nominee may have only three individuals as nominators/endorsers.
  2. Name of nominee’s medical school and year graduated.
  3. Board certification status of nominee, including Board and year completed.
  4. Number of ED clinical hours worked each week by the nominee.
  5. A candidate statement (written by the nominee, 500 word max.) listing recent AAEM contributions, accomplishments, activities or any other information detailing why the nominee should be elected to the board. A photo for publication may accompany the statement if the nominee wishes.
  6. Any emergency medicine related business activity in which the nominee has a financial interest.
  7. A current CV for the nominee.
  8. AAEM Attestation Statement filled out by the nominee.
  9. Conflict of Interest Form filled out by the nominee.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Becoming an AAEM Board Director


To ensure clear planning and leadership succession each term, the AAEM board of directors has introduced a president-election position on the board. This officer will serve a two-year term as president-elect and then transition to a two-year term as president. The 2016 election is unique in that both a president and president-elect will be elected this transition year. In 2018, only a president-elect position will be included on the ballot.

Election Process

Any Academy member may nominate a full voting member for the board and any YPS member may nominate for the YPS director position. You must be a YPS member to be eligible to run for the YPS director position. Self-nominations are allowed and encouraged.

The candidate statements from all those running for the board will be featured in an upcoming issue of Common Sense and will be sent to emeritus, full voting, and YPS members.

Elections for these positions will be held at AAEM's 22nd Annual Scientific Assembly, February 17-21, 2016, in Las Vegas, NV. Although balloting arrangements will be made for those unable to attend the Assembly, all members will be encouraged to hold their votes until the time of the meeting. Online voting will be available and paper ballots are available at the meeting.

The Scientific Assembly will feature a Candidates Forum, in which members will be able to directly question the candidates before casting their ballots. Winners will be announced during the conference, and those elected will begin their terms at the conclusion of the Assembly.