23rd Annual Scientific Assembly

March 16-20, 2017
Hyatt Regency Orlando, Florida

4th Annual EM Physician Assistant Challenge Bowl

Challenge Bowl Teams

Challenge Bowl: Friday, March 17, 2017


United States Army/Air Force - Baylor EMPA Fellowship

K. Yvonne Harris, PA-C
Trisha Benish, PA-C
Jessica Zack, MD

Naval Medical Center San Diego

Derek Weiss
Christopher Lugo
Patrick R. Engelbert, MD


Registration Now Open


The AAEM Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship Challenge Bowl is a friendly competition among Emergency Medicine PA Fellows held 23rd Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly.

The bowl was first introduced at the 20th Annual Scientific Assembly in New York City and with each year, the participation has grown with teams and spectators. 

To reflect on the winners of the past, the winners of previous EMPA Fellowship Bowls were:

  • 20th Annual Scientific Assembly:  Chadd Allen, PA-C and Libby Shern, PA-C
  • 21st Annual Scientific Assembly:  Nathaniel Shekem, PA-C and Matthew Starks, PA-C
  • 22nd Annual Scientific Assembly: Josiah Horneman, PA-C and Garrett Scray, PA-C

This year, we would like to modify the competition to coincide with how emergency medicine (EM) providers train. In the majority of EMPA fellowships/residencies, PAs train alongside their EM physician colleagues that begin a lasting professional relationship of mutual respect. We would like to further cultivate this relationship by involving the EM physician residents. The challenge bowl will now be a three person team that includes two EMPA fellows/residents and one EM resident. The EM resident must be a PGY-2 or PGY-3. All team members must complete the application and become a member of AAEM.

It is our hope that the physician and physician assistant training sites will be inspired by the competition and join us at the 23rd Scientific Assembly. 


Challenge Bowl Details

  • What: The 4th Annual AAEM Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship Challenge Bowl!
  • When: Morning of Friday, March 17, 2017 – prior to the opening session of the 23rd Annual Scientific Assembly
  • Where: Hyatt Regency Orlando, Orlando, Florida
  • Why: The Challenge Bowl is an event that fosters fun, program pride, and friendly competition that is infectious for all. Winning is not the focus of the event; however, learning and demonstrating pride in your program is the goal.
  • Cost: $0 – No Entrance Fee!

Winners will be highlighted on AAEM's social media pages, have their names announced at the opening day’s plenary sessions, will be given an AAEM merchandise item, and will be honored with plaques.

AAEM is committed to the opportunity for physician assistants to learn and demonstrate their academic accomplishments in an environment of friendly competition that is FUN for ALL! 



  • Have one sponsoring AAEM Physician for your team.
  • Two of the three members are currently enrolled in a postgraduate EMPA program and have not graduated as of March 15, 2017.
  • One of the three members is a PGY-2 or PGY-3 resident in an ACGME, AOA, or ACGME-I accredited emergency medicine training program.
  • All team members are registered for the AAEM Scientific Assembly.
  • All team members are either members of AAEM or AAEM/RSA.

Registration will close March 1, 2017. Multiple teams from the same residency/fellowship are encouraged.


For questions contact the AAEM office at 800-884-2236 or email Emily Marx at